We currently have job openings in the following position(s):

Multimedia developer/programmer

Main requirements:
  • Proficiency in Client side web development technology: HTML5, CSS, JQUERY.
  • Proficiency in Server side web development technology: PHP, MYSQL.
  • Any other programming / networking knowledge will be a huge bonus.
  • Ability to adapt yourself to the new-coming, rapid-changing technology and programming standards.

Multimedia designer

Main requirements:
  • Acquiring strong artistic sense.
  • Solid experience in Photoshop / Illustrator or equivalent.
  • Ability to design, draft, maintain User Interface(UI) and web applications with intensive use of HTML5+CSS.
  • Knowledge in Video / Audio / Printing Production will be a huge bonus.
General requirements
  • Ability to communicate in English and Cantonese.
  • Basic computer operations.
  • Interested in new trends and technologies.
  • Willing to learn and explore, as well as sharing your expertise to the team.
  • Hard working, responsible and devoted to team production.
  • Secondary graduate. Diploma or above in related prospects preferable.
Bonus if you acquire:

Some aspects we may found valuable. Varies from post to post.


  • The Main requirements ALWAYS plays the MOST IMPORTANT role for our consideration
  • We do NOT expect the following to be a MUST or serving as a strict guideline for our applicants
  • We do NOT expect any applicant can fulfill ALL of the following
  • The following is JUST FOR REFERENCE. Please feel free to submit your application regardless how many you can fulfill.

Your Future Begins Here

  • Previous work experience (1 Years+) in web design / development industry
  • Experience in printing / publishing (Adobe InDesign etc.)
  • Experience in network setup / maintenance
  • PHP / Java / C / C++ / C# / Objective C / SWIFT / Perl / Ruby (On Rails) / Python / Flash actionscript programming knowledge
  • Server side knowledge (APACHE, TOMCAT etc.)
  • Database knowledge (MySQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL, MSSQL, Access etc.)
  • Graphics processing knowledge (Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator etc.)
  • 3D drawing and rendering (MAYA / 3DMAX etc.)
  • Animation / video processing and rendering (Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effect etc.)
  • Audio processing skills (Cakewalk / Cubase / Logic Pro etc.)
  • Electronics and Hardware setup / configuration / testing knowledge
  • Mac / UNIX / LINUX / Raspberry PI / Arduino knowledge
  • Good skills in artwork / hand drawing / computer drawing (especially for design-related positions)
  • Proficiency in at least 1 kind of musical instruments
  • Proficiency in at least 1 kind of foreign language (Putonghua DOES count)
  • Interest in at least 1 kind of sports activities
  • Interest in online / arcade / computer games
  • Coffee / Alcohol lover (LOVER not ADDICT)
  • Cats / Dogs lover
  • Energetic, Outgoing, Active personality
  • Espouse a “Work Hard Play Hard” life philosophy
Our offer
  • Renumeration Package and enjoyable production environment
  • Work-life balance and career prospects build up
  • Adequate training in various field within the Multimedia production jargon
  • 5 days work: Mon-Fri 10:00 – 19:00
  • Fresh graduates welcome
  • Intern, Part time, Freelancers can also contact us via
How to apply?

Please send us the following to

  • Resume
  • Expected Salary and offer
  • Portfolio / previous work sample (if available)
  • Any other supporting documents (if available)